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YTD interest earned instead of total earned

this will be good for tax planning

Monthly PDF Statements

Please describe your idea. It is standard practice for all financial platforms to offer a PDF download of monthly statements that reflect the current balance (value) and holdings for an account. How will this idea help you? Reporting and portfolio...

Add a search filter to the Offering page to allow to filter by credit score, location, etc

Please describe your idea/enhancement. The Browse Offering page currently is just a flat list and does not include any type of search filter. It would be helpful to be have a search by criteria, including credit...

Split investment funding with available wallet balance + rest with your connected bank/wire

Please describe your idea/enhancement. Being able to use my current balance $ in my wallet plus the remaining investment amount from my saved bank account. For example on a $5K investment - say you have 2K in your Upright wallet this feature will ...

Provide access to PPM before I send money

Currently, the system only provides access to PPM after you make a financial commitment. If i decide not to sign the PPM, It takes 5 days or so to get the money back. Better would be a way to read the PPM before committing capital. This could be e...

Loan offerings should be filterable

Add filters. The more, the better. Here are some for starters: loan duration, judicial/non-judicial/mixed, loan amount, state, interest rate.
Mark Marlow 10 months ago in  0

Filter Investment offerings by different criteria.

Provide a way for investors to filer the current offerings by different search criteria, such as by State, by LTV ratio range, by Earned Income, by developer credit score etc.
R J 4 months ago in Accredited Investor Services / Invest With Upright Offerings 0 Considering

Add API interface to investment offerings and investor data

Please describe your idea/enhancement. provide REST API to query current offering my investor information (current, past investments). How will this idea help you? Allow me to query investment opportunities using my own search criteria and preferr...
Mark Marlow 9 months ago in Account & Portfolio Management / Accredited Investor Services / Reporting & Data 0 For Future Consideration

Add cash flow chart showing 24 months of cash flow from TTM to FTM

Investor Dashboard should have a chart that shows the investor's trailing twelve months (TTM) of cash flow to current day, and future twelve months (FTM) of anticipated cash flow based on current investments. Extra credit if chart include current ...
Mark Marlow 10 months ago in Accredited Investor Services / Reporting & Data 0

Alert when a projects funding get to below the minimum $5K amount invested but still needs funds to be completed

Please describe your idea/enhancement. To have an alert when funds get below the minimum $5K amount that will notify you. To finish out funding for projects, when they get to 99% funded. How will this idea help you? Help use funds that are just si...
Guest 8 months ago in Account & Portfolio Management / Accredited Investor Services / Invest With Upright Offerings 0 For Future Consideration