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Page size on the investor dashboard should be sticky

When viewing investments, they are presented in a paged list. The default page size is 25. Changing the page size to greater value does not stick and is reset to the default each time you revisit the investor dashboard. Making it stick as a user s...
Mark Marlow 10 months ago in Accredited Investor Services / Desktop Experience & Interface 0 For Future Consideration

Overall Performance Dashboard

Upright overall performance metrics - total, pay on time, default, etc. Account overall performance metrics
Lawrence Sutton 4 months ago in Accredited Investor Services / Reporting & Data 0 Considering

TurboTax tax form import

Please describe your idea/enhancement. TurboTax allows to automatically import tax forms from multiple institutions, like Wells Fargo, Fidelity, etc. How will this idea help you? This will save time and avoid manual entry errors. Who will it benef...
Guest 8 months ago in Accredited Investor Services / Desktop Experience & Interface / Reporting & Data 0 For Future Consideration

fixing the investment page

Please describe your idea/enhancement. When you are looking/organizing at your investments by alphabetical order or by accrual, maturity, or last payment date and select one the same order does not hold when you go back to the page to look at the ...
Guest 8 months ago in  0

about-the-redeveloper page should present past due information

Please describe your idea/enhancement. Add row to "Active" loans "Payments Past Due" to indicate if any of their loans were or are past due at any time during the life cycle of the loan. Add row to "Repaid" loans section "Payments Past Due" to ind...
Mark Marlow 9 months ago in Account & Portfolio Management / Accredited Investor Services 0 Considering

Add List of Submitted Applications

Add a list of projects that have been submitted for funding to allow users to be able to see what applications are pending review/approval. This prevents multiple applications from being submitted.
Guest 10 months ago in Borrower Services / Loans Offerings / Sign-Up & Account Setup 0 Considering