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Upright Roadmap

Welcome to the Upright Roadmap

At Upright, we believe that the best platform is built in collaboration with our users. We encourage you to share your ideas and vote on the ideas of others to help us understand what's most important to you. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to working together to make Upright the best real estate investing platform out there.

Getting Started
To start voting or submitting ideas you must:

  1. Log in or sign up with your email in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Submit your idea or start voting on the ideas that you're interested in.

  3. Sort through the ideas by browsing the categories on the left-hand navigation.

💡 Idea statuses

The Upright product team will update the status of each idea to let you know where it stands in our product development cycle.

  • New This idea is awaiting review by our team.

  • EXISTING FUNCTIONALITY This idea can be achieved with existing functionality and will not move forward.

  • Not Considering This idea is not currently being considered.

  • For Future Consideration This idea has been reviewed by our team and will be revisited in the future.

  • Considering This idea is being further investigated and evaluated to determine if it moves forward.

  • Planning This idea has been selected for development and timing is unknown.

  • Scheduled This idea has been selected for development and a general time frame is known.

  • Released This idea has been released.